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Originally Posted by moosejaw View Post
Does anyone know why there are no powerpc packages of emacs (21 or 22) or auctex in 4.5?
The Project simply does not have the resources to build all ports into packages for all platforms, so the decision is made to only build selected packages, especially for anything other than i386 (which doesn't have pre-built packages for every port available in CVS either...).

I am not privy to how the decision is made to include some applications over others. This is a question worthy of posting to the official ports@ mailing list.
Connected to this: lacking an emacs package on powerpc, I've tried to install it from ports, without success.
I don't see any restrictions in the Makefile associated with OpenBSD 4.5-release: if you want to explore this deeper, contacting the port's maintainer (which is listed in the Makefile...) would be an appropriate next step.
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