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Well, you can shrink the NTFS partition from within Windows.. and if you're tempted, you can use the Windows bootloader to chainload OpenBSD.

I believe it was ocicat who posted instructions for doing that on the forum, you can probably search for them or send him a PM.

If you shrink the partition, make sure OpenBSD's partition starts before 128G on the disk.. -CURRENT won't boot otherwise.

You can prepare a USB drive on OpenBSD to do the installation, just create a MBR partition table.. a disklabel.. newfs, mount, cp /{boot,bsd,xx49.tgz}, and then use installboot(8).

And SD/memory card might work if it's exposed on the USB bus, many are, but some have are PCI devices.. like sdhc(4), you can't usually boot from them if that's the case.

Don't use any custom "flashkey" tools, they're redundant.. perform a regular installation.
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