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Originally Posted by GarryR View Post
As far as security goes, it does nothing to improve security, if your security is good, you do not need to worry about any one besides you, or who ever is authorized logging in.
By the time you check your e-mail, who ever logged in would have done what they want to do and logged out again.
But any way, you would have a e-mail letting you know they logged in,... and you would then also know you had a security problem, it would be better just to make sure it is secure, and nobody else besides you can gain ssh access and login
I don't think so. It's best to not be hacked, but nevertheless it is good to know somebody hacked your OS. Usually you can't prevent against all consequences of being pwned, but you can:
1. See how it was done
2. Reinstall or reimage OS to state before pwning taken place and harden OS/infrastructure against being pwned again using info gathered in previous action
3. Inform your customers, change their passwords or keys. General data protection regulation (for those who run a business in EU or process data of EU customers) actually requires to inform your customers.
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