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You can enable/disable all additional plugins/features right here:
Be sure to check the toolbar button that says "Show disabled features".

However, I had no problems installing eclipse/wtp and getting it started out of the box. But my version is 3.2.2_1 and a newer one might cause problems. I'm also not quite sure if all those plugins do work with eclipse-devel as well.

Usually all eclipse related packages go to /usr/local/eclipse as mentioned before, so there's nothing to tweak here. If you want more details, simply see the +CONTENTS file of the corresponding package, e.g.:
Find out the base directory where things are installed to:
> cat /var/db/pkg/eclipse-webtools-1.5.2_1/+CONTENTS | grep "@cwd"
Relative to this directory all files are placed. To get a list of files:

> cat /var/db/pkg/eclipse-webtools-1.5.2_1/+CONTENTS | grep -v "@"
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