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Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
Another "major" change was having ~ in my shell prompt instead of "/home/userid", lol.
That's approaching Chuck Norris levels of badassnes! Bonus points for adding a wallpaper. That clearly demonstrates you're not afraid to push the envelope.

Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
It's actually an xmessage window, indeed with a scrollbar. I have a shell alias to set an alarm, which beeps twice. Under X it puts up the window with the alarm time so I know when it will beep, or after it beeps when it did. The message stays up for 10 minutes after the alarm. It helps tear me away from the computer to do other things.
Cool idea. Though, if you struggle getting away from the pc, you could always take the fait accompli route and have the machine shut down automatically instead of just beeping.

All joking aside, your older screenshot in its simplicity reminded me a bit of this:
That's a screenshot of Donald Knuth's FVWM setup. No-nonsense and to the point, nothing wrong with that.
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