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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
I would recommend switching to fcitx these days though, as the page says somewhere. Even OpenBSD now has it.
I probably shall try it at some point. Right now I am happy with something that works well enough for my needs. When trying a new system I must experiment. For example, Ibus is useless for me with OpenBSD, because it has poor Chinese support. With OpenBSD I was using UIM, because it fulfilled my needs. I might try fcitx just to see it. Then again, I might not stick with FreeBSD (I have a couple issues), in which case I would try fcitx with the new system.
I am going to add I really have gotten annoyed with ibus on both Linux and FreeBSD. I am glad it was just dbus for you, but I have had things like having to now run a script when switching between English and Japanese.
Interesting. Switching input methods is not a problem for me with Ibus on FreeBSD 12. Like OpenBSD has better support for Japanese than Chinese, perhaps your problem is due to FreeBSD having better Chinese support than Japanese, even though the ports list shows many Japanese related packages. I have discovered applications are not exactly same in the ports of different systems.
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