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Originally Posted by frcc View Post
Prior to enabling "ublock" as an add-on in Firefox, you are presented with a message asking for permission and essentially informing you "that to protect you from tracking we have to track you". To me it looks like it is its own tracking mechanism.
It needs permissions to work...
uBlock privacy policy:
uBlock Origin does not collect any data of any kind.

uBlock Origin has no home server.
uBlock Origin doesn't embed any kind of analytic hooks in its code.
uBlock Origin doesn't accept donations or any other form of financing.

The only time uBlock Origin connects to a remote server is to update the filter lists and other related assets. If you disable auto-update in the "Filter lists" pane in the dashboard, uBlock Origin will not connect to any remote server, unless you click "Update now" and only if there are assets deemed "out of date".

The project is currently hosted on, which is owned by GitHub Inc. (now a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation), and thus is unrelated to uBlock Origin.

That is all.
Do you have any evidence that uBlock sends any personal data or any data about Web usage somewhere in the Internet?
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