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Originally Posted by Beastie View Post
I almost forgot...

Printing might be problematic, especially for cheap ink-jet printers. Some may not even be recognized by FreeBSD or might cause lockups. If you can get past this, you can install the many printing-support ports and it should work fine.

Flash will probably work with Firefox and the GNU/Linux layer. If you only need to download videos from YouTube, you can use the excellent www/youtube_dl port (a simple Python script). Most similar websites have "online downloaders" (e.g. Vimeo).

As for OOo, there are packages available.
Thanks again, I am in your debt

As to the Flash: I wouldn't want to download clips but just watch them as they pass on news I read. Actually, I am still rather confused as to 'linux emulation layer' versus 'linuxulator' () and stuff like that. I need to find me a 'dumb' step by step guide that simply works, as I have read so many threads about installing Flash and for some reason most of the people complain that it doesn't work. As a noob coming from Windows, this is all very complex for me (and even without coming from Windows it is complex ).

As to the printer: luckily I don't have a cheap inktjet printer, I decided to stay with the old and proven HP Laserjets from previous generations, the ones that even have a normal LPT-port (I upgraded my HP Laserjet 6P to include more memory and refused to buy these cheap throwaway inktjet printers with an USB connection that ask you to drop EUR 30 every 500 pages). Come to speak about this: during boot, FreeBSD complains about ppc0 no parellel printer port found whereas under XP everything works normally. Food for another rainy day and too much free time on my hand

As to openoffice: I will send you a PM in order not to make this post too long
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