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I have no issues with subtitles, but you often need to create your own .mplayer/config file.

This is something people tend to work out on their own, so I won't post mine, but I believe I've already done so in the past... as have others.

Indeed, as others have said, nvidia no longer maintainers their older xf86-video-nv driver which supported user modesetting and 2D/Xv. For newer cards you're stuck with the unaccelerated vesa VBE interface, which is mostly insufficient for watching videos. The reverse engineered "nouveau" driver for Linux requires features that have not yet been ported to *BSD, mainly, KMS or kernel modesetting.

nvidia only releases a proprietary driver for Windows, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD, they do not release programming documentation.

People who run OpenBSD on desktops simply avoid nvidia hardware, anyone who was unfortunate to have such a card needs to accept the lack of support, use a different system, or install another OS.
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