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This is an update for OpenBSD release 6.3

In OpenBSD 6.3 release, the default /etc/mpd.conf file is now provisioned with sndio for the audio output. If I attempted to start mpd system wide in /etc/rc.conf.local, there were problems with audio streams.

What worked well is to setup a local configuration (per user) as described in the
Arch Linux mpd wiki.
I used OpenBSD /usr/local/share/doc/examples/mpd/mpd.conf when making a ~/.mpd/mpd.conf. If you have an /etc/mpd.conf, rename it to a non-functional backup.

1) In mpd.conf, Comment out
bind_to_address                        "localhost"
#bind_to_address                        "localhost"
2) uncomment
#bind_to_address                 "~/.mpd/socket"
bind_to_address                 "~/.mpd/socket"
3) If you are using Gnome3, KDE4 or Xfce4, you can specify the xdg, freedesktop music directory
music_directory                 "~/Music"
4) Autostart the command on login
mpd ~/.mpd/mpd.conf
The above command can be added to ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsession or the autostart file in your WM/DE.

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