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Unhappy pkgsrc optimization flags ignored

Hello all,

I gain the impression my optimization flags are ignored. This is from my /etc/mk.conf

CPUFLAGS+=           -march=native DDDDDD1
COPTS+=              -g -O2 -pipe CCCCCC1
I would expect the compilation to fail due to the Ds and Cs. It does not. I also tried setting bogus CFLAGS.

A grep for these flags does not show up in the build directory, either.

# grep -R DDDDDD1 /var/tmp/pkgsrc/graphics/xli/work/
# grep -R CCCCCC1 /var/tmp/pkgsrc/graphics/xli/work/
I tried graphics/xli as pkgsrc's xli Makefile is quite simple making it unlikely to overwrite mk.conf variables.
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