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For various reasons, the external caddy drive can't be screwed with, only the computer's drive.

However, I think I may have another spare IDE drive and a IDE caddy, so I could format that as FAT32, and use it for UNIX-Windows compatibility stuff.

I'm, thinking of doing the following - shrink an existing UFS partition, put a FAT32 partition in the free space, copy the files across, delete all the other partitions, install XP on a small partition, extend the FAT32 partition as needed, then convert it to NTFS, since the FAT32-to-NTFS converter that comes with XP has always worked for me and has never lost data.

A little complicated, I know. Using NTFS has always been more successful for me over FAT systems, so I think I will use it, despite its OpenBSD incompatibility. After all, it will be about two years.

So, do you think it'll work?
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