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Originally Posted by lysitheas View Post
... i have install libowfat..
I did not know this.
...and i still having this error :/
As I noted in my follow up post, this might be a 4 or 5 year old unresolved issue with the software you wish to use and its dependent library.
By unofficial, you say it's not secure or not stable to install them on bsd?
This openbsd-wip Github project is managed by one of the OpenBSD developers, but it is not part of the OpenBSD Project. These contain ports which are NOT in the OpenBSD ports tree, as the authors of the ports do NOT consider them ready for inclusion in the OpenBSD ports tree. These are not maintained by the Project or supported by the Project.

These may not produce operating packages that can be installed. They are not-yet-ready-to-be-added-to-OpenBSD ports that are written by OpenBSD port maintainers. Port maintainers may be OpenBSD developers or OpenBSD users.

If you have an issue with a port in this Github project, you cannot report it or expect support from the OpenBSD Project. If you have any questions about a port in the openbsd-wip project, you must reach out to the individual who committed it.

Please see the description at the openbsd-wip project page for much more information.
After a few mail,
use the openbsd-wip port for opentracker
like you link .
But i don't know how to install this one
thanks you
I'm sorry, I do not understand this. That top link merely takes me to a list of torrent files one of the developers, Andrew Fresh (afresh1@) happens to maintain.

If you are asking me "Andrew recommended this WIP port. How do I add the openbsd-wip Github project to my ports tree?" then see the section labeled "How to use this tree" in the file which is shown below the directory structure at the main page of the Github project.

If you are asking me, "I don't know anything about OpenBSD ports, what's my first step?" then the answer is to start with the Ports section of the FAQ chapter I linked above, followed by the ports(7) man page.
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