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I was going to suggest the same, about using a WindowManager, instead of the Mate Desktop.
Even back when I was using Linux , and I had been using the "Mate" desktop, I liked it but started having problems, IE:
it looked a little "glitchy"
, and slow, sometimes I did get lockups, similar to what you describe,... so I switched to a WM, I tried various, all worked much better the the desktop environment, I ended up mostly using OpnenBox, but also like FVWM, very much. Just recently started trying CWM, is ok as well, but takes some "getting used to",...
I tried installing "mate-desktop" on a VM I have, but could not get it to work at all, but the VM only has 600 m ram (memory), and at this time, I still can not change that. To be honest, I am scared to try putting the DE on my main system , I suspect it could crash the system, and don't think it would run very well any way. Not saying it is a "bad" DE, just saying my hardware would not be able to handle it.
Once I got accustomed to a window manager, I don't miss the traditional Desktop Environments at all, this includes XFCE,Gnome, Mate, KDE,... etc... they all are rather bloated and maybe that is ok on more modern hardware , with 10 + GB ram,.... but I don't have that kind of hardware.
Any way, that gets into why I asked to see what your "dmesg" output is, so we have a better idea about the hardware, etc.
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