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Default OpenBSD ACER aspire 9300 laptop install panic

Hello all,

Sorry for the lengthy post but I want to explain my problem as good as possible!

Since about a week I've been working on installing OpenBSD 4.9 (i386) from CD on this laptop and had some problems - very similar to the ones described in by user Sepuku in June. I've tried the steps outlined in the reply #9 by jggimi. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't.

What I've noticed/tried:
- upon booting from CD and disabling ACPI, sometimes I can run the full install. After booting from the HD OpenBSD crashes again with a panic screen. I've successfully installed OpenBSD 2 times now but cannot get it to boot reliably
- if I don't disable ACPI I always get a panic screen during install
- if I boot from HD, I've been able to get OpenBSD running without disabling ACPI once.
- the liveCD of jggmi doesn't boot - I get a similar panic screen
- the panic screen is shortly after the boot starts - I don't see any boot messages on a blue background. It takes less then a second to crash.

I don't think it is due to a hardware problem:
- the laptop has been running Windows XP without problems for years
- I've tried booting and installing several distro's of linux (ubuntu, mint, clearos, ...) and it all works - no problem whatsoever.
- I've tried installing OpenBSD 4.0 from the official CD's and that failed in the same way.
- I've done an extensive memory test (11 hours) using memtest
- I've done a thorough disktest and that came out good (apart from 2 sector reallocations)
- looks like ACPI has no influence ...

So I'm beginning to suspect a bug in OpenBSD.
I've added 2 attachments:
- a zip file containing evidence of the panic screens
- dmesg file

Some help to nail this further down is greatly appreciated.


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