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Originally Posted by marcv View Post
OK - update:

I've taken the current snapshot (8th of September) of i386-current and that indeed had another behaviour. It did not crash but neither did it go further beyond the 'entry point at 0x200120' line - - the install simply stops. No panic screen - it just hangs.


Guess it's time to write an email to misc@openbsd ...


I've posted my problem on the misc@ list. No takers their either.

The good news is that after a lot of investigation and trail/error I found a workaround that avoids the panic screen.
If I press F12 - the button that invokes the bootdevice selection - and select the hard disk then the laptop boots as expected. If I don't do that, the second stage boot crashes with a panic screen (trap: 0(0): invalid opcode fault).

Boot order of the devices in the BIOS doesn't matter. Pressing F12 does the trick.

Anyone that can help figure this out?

This workaraound has been tested on i386-current.


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