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Old 14th October 2016
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Default FreeBSD 11 upgrade woes


I had a FreeBSD 10.3 server running dovecot/postfix/mailman working AOK. I upgraded to 11.0 and, while I get no error in the mail client I'm using, I am not seeing any new email messages via IMAP. Sending email seems to be working just fine because I was able to send from an account on that box to an external gmail account and the message got through.

Furthermore, while the web UI for Mailman seems to be working fine, I tried a test send to a list on it and it never showed up in the Archive nor did it go out to another user on the list.

Can someone please suggest to me where I can look in certain log files, etc. to start troubleshooting this problem? I'm normally an OpenBSD guy and I'm a bit out of my depth here.

Thanks in advance!
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