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/dev/ad10s1* are for FreeBSD; /dev/ad6s1 and /dev/ad6s2 must be primary NTFS partition or something; /dev/ad6s5 to /dev/ad6s8 are your logical partitions.

Even though many people use the fusefs NTFS implementation successfully, many have also experienced problems. I personally wouldn't trust anything but Windows to write on an NTFS partition. I'd use FreeBSD's ntfs module to access the partition as read-only. All it takes is a line such as /dev/ad6s5 /mnt/XYZ ntfs ro 0 0 in /etc/fstab, then you create the mount-point (mkdir /mnt/XYZ) and mount the partition (mount /mnt/XYZ). Of course you need the ntfs module loaded (kldload ntfs), or you can simply reboot and have the system load the module and mount the partition.

You can always backup your FreeBSD home directory and system settings on a FAT32 local partition or USB pendrive.
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