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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Why use PostgreSQL for this? Or any database at all?
Using a normal "flat file" is almost always faster, and doesn't require any database software (Which needs to be maintained, can have bugs, takes up recources etc.)
I did look at the OpenBSD email server over at that used
Nice write up but I am so MySql retarded..

The current imap used (which I really like maildirs) is really the
only thing I need to learn..
I have used Dovecot in the past and it was very easy to set up..

Once I finally get off my rear.. (maybe this weekend.. )
I am going to go through a 4.3 install on my other spare box and set this

I am also going to take a look at Axigen.. except they currently don't have
a 4.3 version of their product..

I have learned a lot about UNIX since I brought up my first firewall
back in 2001 (OpenBSD 3.0) but I still feel I don't know much..
The whole "reverse funnel" effect..

Much thx for all the responses..
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