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Default Sterilization of downloaded/mounted media/drives/filesystems

Greetings all,

I rarely, if ever, download copyrighted media these days however I do possess flash drives, DVDs, CDs, floppys, tapes, hard-disks (with and without file-systems installed) etc. with a plenty of media that I have hesitated to put on my system.

How does BSD handle such items? My concern is that one of the aforementioned devices could have something harmful or infectious, that may auto-execute when I connect it even...

Just the other day I recall my friend plugged his ipod-like device into my computer to charge. The next day he asked me to put music on it, which I did, at work...but when I plugged it into my work computer, OfficeScan said it was infectious!

In either case, it got me wondering how OpenBSD handles these sorts of things. Anyone know?


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