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I am not a expert either, and even less so when it comes to "web site builder" apps,
all though I experimented with some several years ago, none seemed to be able to do
what I wanted , so gave up on them.
There are not really enough details, as mentioned, to be able to say much.
This strikes me as really odd, maybe it is some limitation or restriction the site builder and
it's editor ?
Attempting to load http://www. which of course is too many characters.

It has an A record of * and another of @ but a www. is disallowed in the
add A record dialogue.
My DNS nameserver does allow :
 Url Redirect Record @
In the A record it uses:
 A record @ IP
and also
A record  WWW  IP-NUMBER

Which is why I'm posting here and not
for now paying for a resolution.
This strikes me as odd as well, the name server I use, does not charge extra, for support and help, and the first time I set things up I did need to ask them about how to correctly set up the records. From what I see "weebly" is supposed to be for free, that may sound good, but then again, "Free Hosting" services are never as Free as they would like you believe, maybe that is what is going on, they do not allow you to make the edits you need to, and you must pay, in order for them to do it. Are they also the name server, ? The name server is who you need to contact, I think.
When I set up/purchased the domain name, they do have it where if the domain name is to long,I could not even use it to start with. The GUI told me it was to long, so I needed to adjust, like wise it told me if the domain name was all ready being used, so I had to decide on a different domain name.
This Weebly, site builder should never have allowed you to use a domain name that
would be to long. If you are just starting the site, and domain, I would start over and choose a shorter domain name, one that you can use.
On mine, the A record points to the IP , both the @ and the www. Then the
"url redirect record" uses the @ and the entire url. At the bottom , in red :
+add a record, when it is selected, it is not just a records, it has a selection of various
types of records, including "url redirect". Off to the right, also in red, is where I can look at
the FAQs, but also that is where they have to contact option, if none of the FAQs cover what I needed. Of course this may be different, depending on what kind of panel your name server is using.
Here is a image, also might help give the OP some idea about what details are needed.
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This might me better, for "weebly", :
It all depends on who your name server is, most of them have clear instructions
Search key words:
 How to setup the DNS A record so that it uses www on weebly
If you replace "weebly" with the name of your name server, it should get results for
that name server.
IE :
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