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Either way, with the www or without it , I don't have any problem connecting.
So I don't see what needs to be fixed.
I would suggest though , that you do something with the "contact us" form,
as it is anything and anyone can submit , and it apparently send to your e-mail,
or some e-mail,... you are going to start getting 100s of spambots submitting
all sorts of stuff, like it is.

[ I should scrap any webpage for now? ]
That is entirely up to you, but it generally better to learn a little about web page design, and
configuring a site,before you try to start one. If you are using a "hosting" service, you don't need to learn much about the server side of it, but you do need to learn how to use the panel they offer, and how their system works.
It is best to build your site off line, using "local host", on your PC, after you have it built, and looking/working the way you want it, you upload the site to the hosting, and put it online. Personally, as I mentioned earlier, I learned to avoid these instant "site builders", they seemed to only complicate things and never allowed me to create the design exactly like I wanted it.

Your lack of details makes it impossible to really help, for example:
the browser loads the browser home page instead
What browser, ? There are many types of browsers, for example using Seamonkey I am able to connect to your site just fine, using the url you posted, with out the www, and with it.
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