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Default bringing up vlan interfaces


In rc.conf I have the following:

cloned_interfaces="... vlan0 vlan1 vlan2 ..." # I've removed some interfaces from here to avoid confusion
ifconfig_vr0="inet up"
ifconfig_vlan0="vlan 999 vlandev vr0 dhcp"
ifconfig_vlan1="inet netmask vlan 1 vlandev vr0"
ifconfig_vlan2="inet netmask vlan 100 vlandev vr0"
vlan0 get's its ip by dhcp as expected, however vlan1 and vlan2 never get their static IPs assigned. They are created and configured with the correct vlan id/parent device, but the ip address is never assigned.

I have tried this variation:

ifconfig_vlan1="vlan 1 vlandev vr0 inet netmask"
ifconfig_vlan2="vlan 100 vlandev vr0 inet netmask"
but it makes no difference. Can anybody help?

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