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Default caching DNS server?

I'm a real newbie when it comes to DNS, but I have been reading the Linux DNS howto for information (

I would like to set up DNS for a home network using OpenBSD 4.3. I'm using a private IP range.

I have three questions at this point.
  • The end of /var/named/etc/name.conf has the following contents:
    // Master zones
    //zone "" {
    //      type master;
    //      file "master/";
    // Slave zones
    //zone "" {
    //      type slave;
    //      file "slave/";
    //      masters {; [...;] };
    Am I correct that I will using this last "slave" zone for the caching nameserver?
  • /etc/resolv.conf on any client connecting to this caching server needs to specify a domain. Am I correct that I will still be using the ISP's domain, but specify the IP address for the local caching server?
  • For my last question, since I will not be configuring zone information for a caching nameserver, will I need to be concerned about setting up dynamic DNS?
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