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Re: zone file
Each zone file you configure to be used for a caching nameserver, will be used to answer queries, independent of which records are there, and whether they reflect reality.

The example I gave of a zone file with the loopback address is used by some system administrator to prevent people from using MSN.

Re: local domain

Yes, you can tell your caching nameserver to pass on all non-local domain queries to the nameservers of your ISP. In Bind terminology, you have to define these nameservers as forwarders. A "forwarding-only" nameserver will hand off, or "forward" all the queries it receives to these nameservers. It will still cache the answers of the "forwarders" for possible reuse.

All these things can be found in the Bind 9 administrators manual. A good second source is Craig Hunt's book "TCP/IP Network Administration"
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