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Originally Posted by windependence View Post
I just started hanging out on the Ubuntu server forums and have noticed a trend I am really dissapointed in. I spent several hours last night trying to convince people on the SERVER forum why they shoud not load a GUI on their server. It was an excercise in futility to say the least. You would think since it was the SERVER forum, at least the experienced users would agree with me but that wasn't the case with most of them. I know this is a symptom of Micro$oft taking over more and more of the server market.

It's refreshing to come here and still see people that know what they are doing and that want to do things the correct way. once they port VMware to BSD, I'm outta the linux space for good. Sadly, I am seeing the dumbing down of Linux as it becomes more popular on the desktop. What do you guys think?

I think that you may have picked one of the worst Linux distro to argue about not using GUI on servers. Ubuntu is considered to be one the most user friendly Linux distro out there because of the very reason of their GUI. So its like telling the PC-BSD community not to use GUI. That means that Ubuntu is mainly used for desktop computers. Now, if you want to talk about servers in the Linux community, you should look into CentOS (it received the award for best Linux server distro), Red Hat, and Debian just name a few.
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