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Default Installation experience

Is there a shortcut within sysinst which I can use to do "installboot -f"?
Or must I really remember the complete command line including options, exit the installer, type the command and start the installer again to fix the problem with the bootloader installation? Also nice, the default shell is sh.

The defaults are ok for the ninties. Nowadays we all have much space how can I change MB to GB in the partition manager. The slice for /var is too small when you use pkgin.

No Umlaut in text messages when I switch to German.

How can I retrieve Pkgsrc.tar.gz when dhclient isn't started by sysinst? Or how I connect over WiFI? A temporary wpa_supplicant configuration file isn't a good solution.

How can I disable kernel messages which pollute the installation dialogs?

The daily image from 20.11 I getting no /etc directory on the hard disk. So the installation is broken.

As a long time user I already have at least one working installation and experience to deal with these problems but new user will switch to another OS.
NetBSD 8.99.1(AMD64)@Xiaomi Air 1.Gen
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