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Here's the surface scan from December 4:

And here's the one from this morning:

While it was running, it hit patches where the <150ms, <500ms, and >500ms were in an area, and the drive made more noise when it got to them.

Here's an error from the drive yesterday:

I was in an ssh session finding out how much space I would need to copy it all over to somewhere else. It was running du (I think) when it lost contact.

I am thinking that even though it didn't show any UNC errors, the longer access times are just too long for the time FBSD allows for the disk to be read. There were several times it froze yesterday as I tried to get my most important stuff off of it.

The thing is, I don't really care about the number of reallocated sectors and whatnot, I care about having a system that doesn't freeze up on me while I'm working, and that I can rely on to keep my data from day-to-day.

robbak, I don't remember the bad sector labels on the 10 mb SCSIs, but I do remember thinking I had more space than I would ever need when my workplace bought me a 20 mb drive. When adding a new piece of hardware like a video card meant adding all kinds of stuff into autoexec.bat and config.sys manually to find the magic combination that worked. (I don't miss that at all!) And the floppy disks were actually floppy.
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