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@shep Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately the changes you can make to the fonts in Firefox allow you to only change what you see inside the Firefox "window", but NOT the Firefox menu or the contents of that menu - i.e. the Firefox Preferences tabs, etc.

I understand the (unfortunate in my case at least) limitations of what OBConf can & can't do.

You were right about ~/.Xdefaults (see the section further below).

What I've found over previous years, due to similar needs as those that caused me to start this thread, is that on both OS/X & Win7 - there is no other method to enlarge certain fonts, than this method of enlarging the DPI of your display. (OS/X has a maximum size of 16pt for the desktop menu & other system setting displays - i.e. Preferences again...)

Enlarging the DPI enlarges everything - ALL fonts - so if you have enlarged all of the fonts that you can control the size of, you will have to reduce the size of those fonts that you can control after you have upped the DPI. I most certainly have to - a LOT.

For those of us that truly NEED to enlarge the size of the smallest fonts, this DPI method is our salvation.

@ibara Thanks for your reply.

I expected that the -dpi 130 would not be the solution. It was just an example, in what I knew would be a trial & error solution.

Yes, what you said about the xrandr being unlikely to be a solution was certainly correct for me. As the command I tried was ignored completely!

I also agree with you that this is an X problem, & not one that is belongs to OpenBSD.

@IDOp Thanks for your reply.

I had already looked at that thread prior to posting, during my search the internet phase. It is unfortunately (or fortunately as it turns out - see below) of no help.

@scottro Thanks for your reply.

You nailed it for me. By adding Xft.dpi: 192 to my ~/.Xdefaults file I've now got the display that I want. Admittedly I had a couple of trial dpi numbers before I got the one that I'm now using. I also had to reduce the size of the fonts via OBConf & in applications that allow me to set font size, like: Firefox (Preferences -> Content); Terminator; Leafpad; Worker. I'll probably discover the odd program that I've missed, but that's fine.

I'm really VERY happy with the way that my display is looking. So thanks again for your reply.

@Head_on_a_Stick Thanks for your reply too.

I didn't have to try your method. Though trying it a different way (not using your path to Openbox) failed to work. I tried that before I posted here.

Anyway, all's great. Thank you all for your help. I love it when a plan comes together...

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