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The HP desktop has a built in Atheros Ethernet that works fine with SmartOS. My problems are with ArcaOS which is the revamped OS/2.

ArcaNoae doesn't seem interested in finding a solution to the problem of having my network drop with any network activity. I have two machines that both have built in Ethernet using an Atheros chipset and both do the same thing. I kept getting, change the cable, change the switch port, recycle your router. The last thing they wanted was for me to change firewall rules. Everything works on the machines in question with other operating systems, only theirs is the one with a problem. But they won't acknowledge it or provide a fix.

One would think a company selling a commercial product and offers support would do more, but they are not. Which is why I cannot suggest people pay $129 for something that might not work, and possibly get little or no support. BTW, there were other tickets in their queue for other network adapters not working.

Not sure where you got SmartOS, but it is great.

ArcaOS, the new OS/2, not so great. Maybe if I could get it to work on something other than my Thinkpad T60 I'd have a better impression. But to claim it works on new hardware, when it doesn't, and support that won't acknowledge the problem leaves me with a poor view of it.
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