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Originally Posted by EverydayDiesel View Post
interesting...those were the recommendations that i got from this site Im still reading through at the moment.
You should learn to -avoid- 3rd party "howto" documents.

The OpenBSD Project frowns on them. As do I. Usually, such documents, no matter the subject, are:
  • Out-of-date by the time you read them
  • Not maintained by the author
  • Written by newbies who are proud of what they have accomplished
  • Written by newbies who may not understand the subject matter at hand
  • Written by newbies who are not cognizant of the many architectures and broad types of environments that the OS works within
  • Written for one particular environment only, which will not likely match yours.
  • Will usually send other newbies in entirely the wrong direction
I haven't read the "howto" you refer to. I don't have to. Your efforts in this direction will only cause you problems, so I know the document fits squarely within this discriptive type.

Read the FAQ. It is the closest thing the OpenBSD Project has to "howto" documents, and is fairly complete, well maintained, and factually accurate.
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