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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
I think that's the wrong direction for the forum, people shouldn't have to pay for access.
It's not paying to access Daemon Forums, it's enabling greater access to the forum.

Tapatalk is a forum client. It does to forums what a newsreader does for usenet. The difference is, unlike what the authors of newsreaders like Gnus, slrn, or knode chose: the authors of Tapatalk decided to sell their client.

I didn't write the progam, so I can't complain if they choose to sell it as a product, and it works well enough and costs little enough that I will leave creating a better program that is both Free and *[b]hopefully[/]* Open Source, to someone with more economical or political interest in filling every niche with either (or both). I prefer OSS when possible.
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