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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
So, you also have the ppd for your printer. (I also, at one point, tried generating a ppd at and using that with cups to create the printer. That didn't work either. I am able to print
pdfs with lp whatever.pdf without problem--actually, IIRC, that's doing better than it does on Linux, where I think I often wound up with postscript gibberish, and wound up using evince (on a CentOS-6.6 desktop-cum-server).
Evince is now broken (Springdale 6.6). I had to install a2ps on our work desktops and ask people to print from the command line or use Xpdf.

Originally Posted by scottro View Post
Not sure if it will be useful to put my own printcap file but in case it might help someone else--almost all taken directly from the links I gave earlier.

If you have PostScript printer you can remove input filter (if line) from printap file a most applications will by default convert things to PostScript when requested to print.

Originally Posted by scottro View Post
At work, where we have a Kyocera multifunction, however, I use cups and a ppd file that I found somewhere, which I haven't been able to find since, so if I've reinstalled, or installed to another machine, I just copy over the original ppd file. I think I got it from their site, but I really don't remember.

Both work and the home machines are running FreeBSD-10.1. I also have an HP multifunction here, (at home) that I only use as scanner. I think I used hplip to get that working, haven't set it up though with the newer installs. Maybe I'll try tomorrow if I have time.
PPD files are unnecessary with LPD because LPD speaks only LPD network protocol not more advice IPP protocol which is required for toner/paper status and more advanced features. Actually the real tragedy is that no spooling system except CUPS speaks IPP (it was in works for LPRng but never got finished). LPD is really not suitable for enterprise environment (complex printing policies) and advance notifications but it is definitely more than enough for small Lab/Business. LPRng was created to address those short comings but became stale which ultimately allow corporate backed (Apple) CUPS to take over.

You can by basic monochromatic laser PostScript printer here in U.S. for under $100. I have seen it as low as $70 these days in OfficeDepot.

I am not a big fun of HPLIP. I have several older Epson Perfection scanners which work out of box with default SANE-backends. I am talking scanning on my OpenBSD desktops and laptops. Most newer better devices will be happy to scan to USB or SSD or even more conveniently directly to e-mail so really no drivers or any setup is necessary with UNIX or anything else for that matter. Hell even my kids' HP Photosmart C5250 which we keep around as a memory card reader since ink is insanely expensive will scan into SD card. You can probably find one of those for free or for $3 in Goodwill stores.

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