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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
FUD FUD and more FUD
I hate when that acronym is misused. Oko was not attempting to sow "fear, uncertainty, and doubt". He was simply voicing an opinion. On whose behalf are you suggesting he is acting as an agent provocateur? What part of what he posted is an attempt to scare people? Or are you just using "FUD" imprecisely to mean someone whose opinion you disagree with?

Commercial Unix has distilled to a few players...and this list is a fraction of those that used to exist:
  • IBM AIX - because people buy their big pSeries stuff. This is for ${GIANT_FORTUNE_500_COMPANY} buyers.
  • Oracle Solaris - though Oracle's Exadata stuff runs Linux (Oracle's flavor of RHEL) so this is just on SPARC, which is a life support platform. I mean, yes, they are still making them and dutifully release new versions every year but I'd wager 99% of the people who buy SPARC this year are repeat buyers as opposed to new buyers. Oracle has a big of cognitive dissonance - it's entertaining to talk to your Oracle salesperson (who pitches Exadata) about how you heard at OpenWorld that the new SPARC boxes from Fujitsu are really great for running Oracle databases...
  • HP still sells HP-UX on Itanium. You can imagine how exciting that is.

Any I missed?

All of these players sell Linux boxen as well.

I'd note that the big Internet companies (Google, Facebook, etc.) are not buying commercial Unix. It's the Fortune 500 crowd who's been running their apps on Solaris since 2.5.1 or the government unit that has a pSeries.

Of the ones I listed, HP-UX is the sick man. What is the future of HP-UX I wonder...since RHEL (and nearly everything else) has stopped developing for Itanium, I guess that'll continue to be its market. It's another life support OS. Oracle will keep maintaining Solaris as long as it's profitable to sell big iron to Wall Street companies who don't want to switch platforms. AIX will probably be around for a long time because IBM tends to sell big solutions to big organizations.

Meanwhile, everything exciting happens in Linux & *BSD.
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