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There was some fairly recent chatter on misc@ about macbooks and EFI with one of the developers chiming in, and I finally know why it doesn't work. The EFI code on older macbooks isn't supported by OpenBSD's EFI loader (emphasis mine):
Originally Posted by YASUOKA Masahiko
OpenBSD efiboot supports GOP for the graphic protocol
but it doesn't support UGA. FreeBSD supports both.
And here's the output of rEFInd's 'About' from on my macbook:
About: rEFInd Version 0.10.4


Running on:
   EFI Revision 1.10
   Platform: x86_64 (64 bit); Secure Boot inactive
   System Integrity Protection is enable (0x10)
   Firmware: Apple 1.10
   Screen Output: UGA Draw (EFI 1.10), 1280x800
This also explains why I could boot FreeBSD from USB just fine, whereas it did not work with OpenBSD.
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