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Originally Posted by stukov View Post
It's not quantity, it's quality my friend
Yes, I realize that. I am just wondering where all of these people (now twice the user base of this forum) came from in only a couple days. If people were looking for a forum all along, why weren't they coming here between the time bsdforums went down hill and the official FreeBSD Forums went up? I only mention bsdforums because it was one of the reasons cited for putting up the FreeBSD Forums almost like this one didn't exist.

I have nothing against the FreeBSD Forums, though. I look at them just like I look at the FreeBSD mailing lists. Just another place to find FreeBSD-specific information. As I said previously, I do enjoy this forum for its wider variety of topics. I also can't imagine the FreeBSD Forums being as fun or relaxed as this one is.
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