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Originally Posted by s0xxx View Post

Did you add any extra options to /etc/mk.conf or you just copied it over to /etc and did a 'make depend'?
Also, try deleting the content of mk.conf file and put only stuff you need, there is no need for default options to be listed, and it's way clearer for reading.
I didn't add any extra options. I just needed the mk.conf for building modular xorg:

And I need the mk.conf because several packages need an entry in mk.conf while building them with pkgsrc. For example Opera needs an entry a la

ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES += opera-license
I copied the /usr/pkgsrc/mk/defaults/mk.conf to /etc because I thought this would be the "right" way.

By the way - what does the "+" sign mean in front of the equals sign? And I have even seen question marks in front of the equals sign like here:

What do they indicate?
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