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Sorry to say it, but I've messed it up .. then upgraded as a last-hope .. then after sysmerge I saw many warnings .. on reboot I couldn't login.
SensordApr ........ su : daemon : unknown class
login : (input)
failure to retrieve default class
unknown class
saving time , I bought a third sata disk .. installed a fresh OpenBSD current .. with a SATA IDE Cable I can access /dev/sd0h to retrieve data ..
It's more likely to be a lost case (thanks to my silliness of course) .. now what could be done i a similar situation ? dd my home partition ? will it somehow remedy the situation by copying clean config files fro the fresh system to the old one ?
If the old disk weren't far bigger (500g) than this new one (60g) , I would consider transferring home data and reinstall a fresh OpenBSD ..
Any suggestions are welcome .. Thanks.
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