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I agree that copy/paste is not the right way to learn
I see those examples as starting points for me to first *start* walking ..
at this moment I ned to set my still immature pf.conf to allow p2p ?
Do I have to first learn about p2p and tcp ip to start using pf.conf ??
OpenBSD is a shoreless sea as is Unix .. how can I use it to serve me this ? at this time ?
As to learning it is and must be a life process but every mortal has their own tempo/rhythm/ pace .. I believe myself to have the slowest .. and yet I'm not psychologically ( :-) ) ready to stop using a great OS just because it's hard for me .. that's it.
(There are lots of people -I'm sure- who are having the same -if not worse- issue but abstain from exposing it here or there :-) not to be ridiculed .. well only the shy and the boastful who wouldn't learn a thing )
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