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Hi IdOp!

Ah right! Seems I misunderstood your first reply then. I'm only familar with Linux where we only have one bootloader (GRUB or lilo on x86, u-boot on ARM) so I presumed that installboot would be analagous to GRUB in that it would be the bootloader I'd be using to boot NetBSD on x86/x64.

However, after your latest response I now get the impression that if I was dual-booting NetBSD with Linux on x86 I would need to have both GRUB and the installboot primary bootloader installed, installboot living exclusively on the NetBSD partition whilst GRUB (or u-boot in this case) would be on the MBR.

As I said in my first post, I avoided using disklabel / fdisk to prepare my drive by using sysinst instead, although I expect that is just a script that depends upon disklabel/fdisk. However, only the partitioning aspect of it works for me on BPi so I have to quit out of it after its done that. I would've expected sysinst to run installboot on my HD too but maybe it only does that after downloading and installing the packages?

I'll have a look at the installboot manpage now and see if it makes sense. I may have to do the whole patitioning and formatting procedure manually instead of cheating by using sysinst.
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