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Default Trojan construction kit for Mac OS X - yours for $1,000


According to security specialist Brian Krebs, in recent weeks a developer has been touting a trojan construction kit called Weyland-Yutani on underground forums; it enables criminals to construct malware for Mac OS X with just a few clicks. Construction kits of this type have previously only been available for Windows. The malware builder, which costs $1,000, generates malware for monitoring keystrokes that allows criminals to steal login credentials or credit card details – similar to the Windows trojans ZeuS and SpyEye.

Unlike on the Windows ecosystem, no exploit kits for Mac OS X are at present able to inject malware undetected onto a system via security vulnerabilities. The attacker always needs to persuade a victim to run an infected file, usually by means of social engineering, for example, on sites such as Facebook.
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