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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Well the part of your answer is already given in your question. Mutt is only MUA. Originally could not even fetch mail. So you needed fetch mail package to do that part of job. In order to send the mail you had to configure sandmail as Mutt has no support for SMTP. That seems like overkill to me. SMTP support has been added in the past two years but is not stable. For a long time the developers of Mutt insisted that mutt is only MUA and they will not add SMTP support.
Wouldn't you consider doing MTA functions when they already exists with other programs (i.e., sendmail, fetchmail, etc.) to be going against the Unix philosophy? How is calling that functionality any different than invoking vi to edit messages or lynx to open HTML links?

Also, I'm a little confused - what is the relationship/differences with nail and mailx (which comes in the base system)?
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