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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Anyway, nvi stores open files as Berkeley db files in /var/tmp, say you're writing a document and the server crashes.. open reboot the files in /tmp are gone, /var/tmp on the other hand remains.

This is a valid reason if you use nvi with the defaults.

In my case I use vim for my own files and when working on configuration files as root, I don't leave files in unusable states between saves if I can help it -> whether using nvi, vim, or mg.

Originally Posted by killasmurf View Post

btw is there any app that writes big files to tmp?
Currently i'm reorganizing my disk, and i'm thinking of /var 256M vs 512M top
some programs and operations will create large files if given large I/O. An example, installing Quake 4 on FreeBSD takes a lot of /tmp space and ark will bomb out if there is not enough space in /tmp

-> hopefully every coder is smart enough to honor $TMPDIR but who says everyone is smart.
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