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Default wireless card setup problems

Hi i am trying to setup wifi with ipw0 network card, i have the correct firmware driver installed, a dmesg | grep ipw0 shows the adaptor i can scan for wifi networks and see the network i want to connect to, i can add to /etc/hostname.ipw0 the following config:

dhcp nwid mynetwork wpakey mykey

but when i try and ping my router i get no route to host.

dhclient ipw0 says:

ipw0: no link .... sleeping

when i look at my ifconfig i have:

lladdr 00:04:23:74:f4:ee
index 2 pritority 4 llprio 3
media: IEEE802.11 autoselect (DS11 mode 11b)
status: active


any help would be great
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