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Originally Posted by cajunman4life View Post
I've been setting up FreeBSD host with bare minimum installation, and then using the ezjail framework (slightly customized to suit my criteria) to build "virtual machines." Granted, this isn't very sexy, and introduces the rather large draw-back of not being able to limit resources of each VM, but it works for me.

I've heard there is a mechanism for limiting resource usage via jails (in fact it's at ), though I haven't looked into it very much.

It's a shame that we don't have a whole lot more available. NetBSD supports XEN, so you could use NetBSD host and go from there. XEN support is supposed to be coming soon to FreeBSD.

As I'm working towards my SCSA for Solaris 10, I'm looking more at Solaris Zones (though I don't have Solaris running on any of my servers here at home... hmm... if only I can convince the wife to let me buy a new box).
Well I knew someone would probably bring this up, but for what I am doing it didn't seem to fit the need. Granted, I have never set up ezjails and have no experience but things like cloning machines and hardware independence are important in the work that I do because it save time. If one of my web company's servers go down, I can load the VM on ANY machine running VMware and be up and running in a few minutes. I don't think that would be too easy with jails. We are just behind the times when it comes to virtualization. If I was a developer, I would gladly donate some time to fixing this but unfortunately I'm just a hardware guy.

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