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Even if the system only has 2GB of physical RAM, installing OpenBSD/amd64 has some nice benefits.. larger virtual address space, 64-bit registers, and W^X is implemented using the NX bit in the page tables vs the old segmentation trick they use on i386.

A lot of people running Linux choose to use the 32-bit port due to closed source software not being available for 64-bit systems, but for most OpenBSD users, that's not an issue.

Many portability problems have also been solved, the 4.9 release had 6620 i386 binary packages and 6570 amd64..

There is little reason these days not to install OpenBSD/amd64 if your system natively supports it, of course, if you already installed OpenBSD/i386 you can always choose to reconsider when 5.0 is released.
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