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Hello, and welcome!

I recommend you reach out to the larger OpenBSD community, via the misc@ mailing list, and provide a similar problem report there. As ocicat noted, there are only a few of us here who answer OpenBSD questions, and only a small subset will have any CARP experience. (I've only ever played with it in a lab, and that was years ago.)

Above, ocicat recommended you use -current, rather than 5.3, as CARP has undergone changes since 5.3-release. You are likely going to receive similar recommendations from respondents on misc@. Installing a -current snapshot is no more difficult than installing 5.3-release.
Installing -current is easy, but I don't recommend upgrading from 5.3 to -current at this time if you're a new user. In mid-August, internal clock values were increased to 64 bits (on all architectures), and an upgrade through this requires significant manual steps.
I'm confused by your opening statments, because your ASCII "graphic" is indecipherable to me, and because there are at least two typos in the supporting text, making it difficult for me to understand your configuration. In particular, I notices that your CIDR is a /29, not a /30, according to your netmask. That's a good thing, because a /30 can only use two IP addresses. The /29 can address six.
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