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Default X11/X.Org: The beginning of the end

2016-11-22: Fedora 25 was released.
Fedora is one of the most popular Gnu/Linux distributions. Undeniably Fedora has large influence on Gnu/Linux world (and indirect, smaller on other FOSS systems too).
Default graphical environment for Fedora 25 is Gnome 3.22. Fedora 25 has session of Gnome3/Wayland as default. Legacy X11 apps can be used by XWayland backward compatibility layer.
Fedora 25 has still Gnome3/X11 session, because some features are still missing in Gnome3/Wayland session and properietary drivers (Nvidia, AMD) are still not supporting DRM/KMS/GBM. There are some talks about replacing GBM requirement by new Unix graphics (and compute) memory API.

Others spins of Fedora 25 with other graphical environments (KDE5, Xfce,...) still are using X11 session.

It is going to take years to complete process of replacing X11 by Wayland, though.
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