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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
Wayland is, even in Fedora, somewhat Gnome connected. For example, if I do a minimal Fedora install, and add a window manager, it's not going to be using Wayland yet.
It's kind of the other way around. Gnome have simply implemented wayland support earlier than most other projects. So not really "gnome connected".

Gnome project have certain objectives - all 'Linux proprietary' of course - so tying everything to Linux specific interfaces such as systemd is not an issue for them. It was fairly predictable that they would be an early wayland adopter and that fedora - the test bed for RHEL - would be the first Linux distribution to include it.

It's not really in Red Hat's interests to be developing, funding and backing projects (such as gnome and systemd) which can be utiltised by competitors to RHEL in the server market. And this is why gnome and systemd projects are simply not interested in portability to other *nix like systems.

I don't know enough about wayland to comment further, especially on it's portability, but someone has been working on porting it to DragonFly BSD:

With the KMS/DRI bits now ported from Linux and in place in most of the *BSDs it seems feasible at least?

Perhaps it's long overdue, considering that most single user desktop users don't really need an X server anyway...
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