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Quoting from, where the javascript link is functional
I have a problem or an unanswered question. How do I get help?

A moderated mailing list is available, and is recommended.
A private e-mail address is in the README file in /, in /home/user, and in /root, or if your browser has Javascript, you can click on the link: E-mail me
Here are the complete list of questions in that FAQ:

Why did you make these ISOs available to the public?
What is included?
What's the minimum amount of RAM needed?
These are not official. Can your downloaded files be trusted?
What does the environment look like once booted?
How do I boot the MP kernel?
When I boot, I get these warning messages as the kernel completes configuration and starts up. What do they mean?
How do I save my environment for use on reboot?
This is -release. Why not -stable or -current? Why only i386 and amd64?
I want to test an application. Why isn't it already installed on the CD?
How would I install my own applications?
I need network connections that don't use DHCP. How do I configure them?
Do you have links to other OpenBSD-based LiveCDs?
I have a problem or an unanswered question. How do I contact you?
I want to make my own LiveCDs. How did you create these?
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